RTK #2995

RTK #2995 image

  • Stroke count: 19

  • Reading: チョ

  • Dependendo das circunstancias alguem renomado著 trava suas 足 pernas HESITANDO.

  • People with wooden legs are renowned for dithering over whether to decorate them with a drop of paint or not.

  • The wooden leg pirate dithers to give flowers to my love doll, cause he is afraid I will kick his ass.

  • Note: 躊躊 (#2997) and 躇躇 (#2995) mean the same thing and are used as a unit exclusively.. 躊躇する, 躊躇う躇 (#2995) チョ(著),ためらう … Parts: ⻊, 著著 (#1347) … for 躇 Story: The Old School Renowned Pirate (Old School because he does not tap of the last drop off before he tucks it back in) is often accused of Diddling because of that same drop. Wait, it’s Dither.

  • The ninja is waiting for me over there, and if he hears me, he’ll kill me! On one hand, I have a wooden leg, so I’m definitely very noisy. On the other hand, if I go through the flowers, it might be quiet enough so he doesn’t hear. I’m dithering about what I should do!


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