RTK #2993

RTK #2993 image

  • Stroke count: 8

  • Reading: シ

  • Old evil altar, sign of snake: In the ancient temple, they found and old evil altar with the sign of the snake imprinted on it. What evil could be enshrined within it???

  • An altar with the sign of the snake etched into it enshrines a serpent god.

  • At the OLD ALTAR of RTK 1 the SIGN OF THE SNAKE is forever ENSHRINed in the hearts of those who persevered. (Thanks blannk).

  • The memories of reaching the 巳 (#2042) as well as the end of this book, with its variant altars, floats and such will be forever enshrined in my memory as minor victories, memorable achievements reached on my journey toward Japanese mastery.

  • Con el fin de honrar a Satán, sus seguidores construyeron un altar dedicado a la serpiente.


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