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  • Stroke count: 1

  • Reading: ケイ

  • The body part that gets wet when you wade through the sewers (a crafted flood underneath the ground) is your shin (thanks brian44).

  • The right side actually has to do with a sort of undersround water tunnel, check any chinese hanzi dictionary and you will see http://www.zhongwen.com/ .

  • (Hint: if you call 足 (#1372) “foot” (for which it is the prefered kanji) and distinguish the measurement 呎 (#2960) (e.g.”foot [measurement]”) you can call 脚 (#1498) legs or leg (which is what it means), freeing up “shin” for its actual kanji (脛 (#2991))) The shin is the PART OF THE BODY (月 (#13)) which gets soaked if you wade through the SEWERS (巠). [Thanks mantixen] (Kanji with “TOILET PAPER”(圣) and/or “SEWER”(巠): 勁 (#2992), 剄, 径 (#947) (/徑/逕), 怪 (#773) (var. 恠!), 茎 (#772) (/莖), 脛 (#2991), 痙, 経 (#1460) (/經), 軽 (#774) (/輕), 頚 (#2813) (/頸)).

  • [+brian44] is right - so I’ll try using the right primitive as sewers. I’ve been using Ninja Turtles and stuff though, so I’ll have to use this as a series of narrow, long, lead pipes that bring floods of water to the city. Here, someone has taken a lead sewer pipe and hit you in the part of your flesh that is most vulnerable to impact: your shin (after years of soccer/football, I can’t think of the word shin without thinking of pain).

  • Following Katsuo’s advice in 茎 (#772), I’ve been using toilet paper/roll for 圣 圣. As explained in 巠, 巠 is just a pictograph: an old toilet paper roll (axis placed vertically) on top of an I-beam with directional arrows painted (it’s an old fashioned sandpaper-like toilet roll: don’t dare to rub following another direction :-P). Story: You protect the flesh of your shins with the old toilet (sand)paper. If they try to beat you there, they’ll get their own skin pretty damaged.


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