RTK #2992

RTK #2992 image

  • Stroke count: 9

  • Reading: ケイ

  • The powerful stench coming from the sewers is formidable.

  • [+mantixen] Sewer power: formidable stench.

  • In lots of games like oblivion there is a sewers level. You can meet some formidable foes down there, so you better make sure to have enough power to take em down.

  • The legendary barge (see 脛 脛 (#2991)) owned by Cleopatra was a symbol of her formidable power.

  • If you have decided that you will wade through the sewers (巠) (probably as part of an epic quest), then you will have to make sure that your legs have FORMIDABLE force. Otherwise your legs will not be able to stand the force of the sewer currents, they will make you lose your equilibrium and fall, and you can drown!


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