RTK #2996

RTK #2996 image

  • Stroke count: 14

  • Reading: ジュ

  • A samurai wearing a broken crown crafted an inch-thick floor under which to hide with his mouth glued, giving him longevity as his enemies failed to find him.

  • 士 フ エ 一 吋→壽(寿の正字) さむらいの笛は1インチ.

  • After the samurai’s crown was broken in battle, he crafted a new one an inch thick. This would assure it both he and the crown would last, as he craved longevity and reaching old age.

  • The old samurai is the icon of longevity. Even his crafted crown is broken after having outlived it. His secret to longevity is to ensure only glue ever enters his 口 (#11), and only by licking it off the floor.

  • This is an old samurai who’s seen a lot of longevity. He has been sitting in the same spot, on his torn Burger King Crown, for ages. He’s something of a local landmark, so when a construction site is set up around him, they simply put a ceiling over his head and build around him. A gum company puts him in their CM for Longevity Gum. In the CM, he eats a stick of gum and rambles something foreign (he’s actually saying - why are you putting this glue in my mouth?)


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