RTK #2997

RTK #2997 image

  • Stroke count: 21

  • Reading: チュウ

  • I hesitate to have a wooden leg fitted as I’m not sure how it will affect my longevity.

  • The man suffering from gangrene hesitated a bit, but knew he’d have to choose the peg leg if he wanted longevity.

  • With diabetes, i hesitate to have my leg amputated. I know it will increase my longevity, but my quality of life may go down.

  • Wooden leg, old longevity: The samurai guarding the secret of old longevity was hesitating to come out and get a new wooden leg: the old one had rotted away under that clammy floor.

  • 躊躊 (#2997) and 躇躇 (#2995) mean the same thing and are used as a unit exclusively….. 躊躇する= 躊躇う hesitate, falter, waver. … Parts: ⻊, 壽壽 (#2996) … Story: The Pirate hesitates when asked to do 壽 (Kotobuki) because he thinks I said Kabuki.


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