RTK #2998

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  • Stroke count: 20

  • Reading: マン

  • A bit of old food is stuck on one of my mandalas. What could it be? I scrape it off and taste it . . . Hmm, bean jam, I reckon.

  • Steamed bean jam dumplings were invented as a form of Chinese take-out that could be eaten while meditating on a mandala (thanks dihutenosa).

  • Old food, Mandela: During his imprisonment, Mandela was only given old food. Once per year, they gave him a treat: fresh bean jam. After this, you shouldn’t visit Mandela’s cell: to stinky! Old food primitive: (meeting, day, staples: The meeting took all day, do when we got out to have our dinner, only old food and the staples of the dinnerboxes were left. My colleagues are such gluttons!

  • (The keyword is just wrong. The kanji for bean jam is, like gavmck says 餡. This is a steamed bun /chinese dumpling (饅頭 まんじゅう) (which could be filled with bean jam, 餡饅、あんまん)) The oldfashioned FOOD, like a steamed bun, always looks tasty in MANGAS (曼 (#2240)), doesn’t it. (Bonus: reading: マン、like in 漫画 (まんが) or 曼荼羅 (まんだら)).

  • Steamed buns are old food but they are exquisite 曼 (#2240).


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